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Dodga-Sadarith by PioPauloSantana Dodga-Sadarith by PioPauloSantana

Occupation(?): Space-Fugitive (no, seriously.)

Height: 155 Feet
Weight: Too heavy
Running Speed: About 180-210-ish mph on land/ 300-350-ish on water
Flight Speed: Cannot fly anymore

Special Attacks/ Weapons:

Dodga-Sadarith side:

Laser: Can shoot lasers from the horn on his head. Pretty weak compared to his other stuff, but can fry a puny human or two.

Back Tendrils: While mainly used as stabilizers, they also house a terrifying orgy of luminescent tentacles that generate Bio-electricity like eels...only more extreme. The tentacles are strong and lightning fast which is good because Dodga is a very slow monster. Used to ensnare targets...or rip them apart, whatever the flavor of the day is. Before acquiring the Ivred, this was his most used weapons.

Ivred Side (see that thing stuck to his chest? yeah, that's the one):

Tyranno-Drill: Pretty self explanatory. See huge drill on chest. Extremely dangerous up close. Enemies beware!

Gravity Shields: Can create a shield to protect himself. Can only cover the top half of his body, but its better than nothing I suppose.

Latch Anchors: You know how he's really slow? Well, these help out a bit. They're kinda like his Bat-Grappling hook, only there's about 20 of them that shoot out from the Ivred. They shoot out at multiple directions to help Dodga navigate the land a little faster. Could be used as weapons, but why bother, he's got tentacles.

Giga-Bunker: See that Left(his left)Arm of his? It's basically an overgrown jackhammer. Very VERY dangerous up close, right up there with the Tyranno-Drill. Not to be messed with.

Bunker Wave: He stabs the ground with the Giga-Bunker and activates it to send a shockwave to foes from medium range. Not very damaging, but will probably stun them long enough for Dodga to get close.

Flash Flares: Another defensive mechanism from the Ivred. as the name suggest, its designed to blind would-be attackers. Despite the Flash Flare's defensive nature, Dodga insists on using it only if he wants to blind his enemy long enough to get close.


A dangerous Space-Fugitive of aquatic origin, Dodga is famous for Planet-Wide massacres. He was being chased by Cosmo-Gahedant before he crashed into Earth. He was heavily damaged and went into a state of suspended animation in a secluded area. He was awaken at around 9500 BC. Guess who woke him up. Remember Atlantis? As in the lost city? Yeah that's who. They had very advanced technology and launched an expedition in uncharted depths spearheaded by their experimental research submarine, the Ivred. Well, as one would imagine, waking up a giant planetary massacre-prone monster will probably not yield fruitful results. With that, Dodga fused himself with the Ivred, it's generators of seemingly unlimited power made his strength increase by a hundred-fold! He then waged war on Atlantis itself. For a year, the war raged on until Atlantis was running low on resources. It was then decided by the ruling government to blow the place up along with Dodga. The would be martyrs of humanity opened their gates and Dodga was free to enter and cause as much damage as he wanted. Then there was an explosion. A very very big one. Atlantis was wiped from the face of the Earth, and Dodga-Sadarith was seemingly destroyed...only not, now he's back, pissed and wants to cause some carnage. Who will stop him!?

Me and my talented friend :iconrobthesentinel: are making some Kaiju to battle it out, and Dodga-Sadarith is my entry.
I really enjoyed making this guy because I never normally draw something as crazy as this. The drill chest is so absurd, I HAD to do it! I imagined him as being really clumsy and slow on land, but somewhat fast and agile underwater and in space (although he does not look like it). He is most definitely a juggernaut/berserker-like archetype, whereas you can keep hitting him, but he won't even flinch, but will get really really pissed off and will only be pacified by your murder, by his hands (Drills, jackhammers, and tentacles).
Do not view him as a uncontrollable savage though, he is in-fact quite intelligent, especially when it comes to combat. What he lacks in long range weaponry, he makes up for it in brute strength and viciousness, combined with tools that help him close the gap from medium to long range enemies. He is technically a blind creature, but he uses a form of echolocation, he does not have a distinct roar, but he does have an ominous echoing clicking noise to spot his enemies.
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masteroftheweres Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2009
alsome this looks wicked. hey can i use this to make a yugioh card, its non-profit and i'll give image credit
PioPauloSantana Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! Sure go ahead, thanks for asking!
masteroftheweres Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2009
yo check the link again, i think you'll like what i did with the card ^^
PioPauloSantana Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
That's pretty awesome!
masteroftheweres Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2009
I know ^^
TheVentra Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2008
that thing is scary
PioPauloSantana Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
He is. But I heard he's good with kids.
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August 14, 2008
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